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    Kaip į skelbimą įtraukti užstatą?

    Security deposits must be handled through Airbnb. They can't be handled in cash or through any other off-site payment method, as this is a violation of our terms of service.

    Norėdami pridėti užstatą arba jį redaguoti:

      1. Eikite į Skelbimus ir spustelėkite norimą skelbimą
      2. Spustelėkite Politika ir taisyklės ir eikite į Politika
      3. Šalia Užstato, spustelėkite Redaguoti
      4. Įveskite sumą nuo 100 iki 5000 USD, o tada spustelėkite Išsaugoti

      The security deposit doesn’t retroactively apply to existing reservations. It will only be included on reservations booked after you add it to the listing price.

      For some reservations, Airbnb may independently require a security deposit. In these cases, you won’t be able to edit or remove the required deposit.

      Host-required security deposits are not currently supported in mainland China—except for a small number of professional hosts and hotels. Hosts should not collect the deposit in cash or other off-site ways according to our terms of service.

      Learn why having a successful pricing strategy—like adding a security deposit—can protect your earnings in the Resource Center.

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