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Receiving an request means you have a chance to make a meaningful difference in someone’s life.

    How stays work

    • When you receive a request to book, you’ll have an opportunity to offer a discount for stays.
    • When hosting for free or at a discount through, you review each request before accepting, and declining a request won’t affect your Superhost status.
    • Airbnb waives service fees for all stays.
    • or its partner checks guests' eligibility.
    •'s partners may send requests on behalf of their clients.
    • Stays can vary in length from a few days to a few weeks.

    Ways of Booking stays

      • and its nonprofit partners may fund guest stays either by booking on their behalf (third-party booking) or by providing credit directly to a guest who can then request to book any listing on Airbnb.
        • To receive credit, these guests must apply through a nonprofit partner or referral entity and meet the criteria specific to the incident affecting them.
        •’s partners or referral entities will determine the eligibility of these individuals.

      Guests may book stays with Hosts who have signed up to offer free or discounted stays or any other listing on Airbnb. Hosts receive their payments based on the rates they set.

      Free and discounted stays help stretch funds further for guests traveling due to large-scale crises. You can join the community of over 100,000 Hosts using their places for good. Here’s what to know:

      A similar hosting experience, with even more support

      With an stay, you’re still protected by AirCover and can do everything you normally would and more:

      • Accept or decline the request
      • Offer a discount for guests
      • Message your guests
      • Access Airbnb’s 24/7 Community Support, with a specialized team to answer questions about bookings

      Plus, you can contact us with specific questions or concerns. If a nonprofit books a stay on behalf of an guest, a case manager from that nonprofit may be able to answer questions and provide you with helpful resources.

      Welcoming your guests

      Your guests want the same amenities you’d offer any Airbnb guest, like fresh sheets and clean spaces where they can rest. They may have additional questions about parking, accessibility, or favorite nearby shops for food and essentials. Use the Airbnb message thread to learn more about your guests before they arrive.

      Here’s a fantastic step-by-step guide with ideas for making your guests feel welcomed.

      Other ways to support guests

      Hosting an stay is a powerful way to support those in a time of crisis, but you can also help by making a donation toward emergency stays.

      Visit to learn more, donate, and sign up to host.

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