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    Once you’ve found a listing for your trip, you can book the reservation without contacting the host beforehand. However, some guests prefer to contact their host prior to making a reservation.

    Please note that when booking or requesting to book a reservation, you’re required to include a brief message for your host on the Confirm and pay page, letting them know why you’re traveling and when you’ll check-in.

    Messaging a host before requesting

    Unless you have found an Instant Book listing, you’ll have to request that the host accept your stay. It’s a good idea to message the host before requesting, since they can answer questions about their home, as well as let you know if it’s available. Before contacting your host, we recommend reviewing all the details about the listing, as the information you’re inquiring about may already be available.

    To contact a host from the listing page, click Contact Host and ask the host any questions you have. Most hosts respond within a few hours. Keep in mind that you may be in different time zones or the host may not have internet access at the moment.

    If a host isn’t responding

    If a host hasn't responded, consider reaching out to other hosts in the area. You can message as many hosts as you'd like, so it's up to them to respond to you in a timely fashion or risk losing their chance at having you as a guest.

    Sending multiple requests

    Unless you're planning on renting multiple locations for the same dates, make sure you don’t submit more than one reservation request at a time, as you may end up booking multiple reservations during the same time period. You can check the cancellation policy for any listing before sending the request.

    Contacting the host after making the reservation

    After you’ve made the reservation, you can reach the host by going to Trips, finding the reservation, and contacting the host from there. You can also use your Inbox to message the host

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