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Yeonseong-dong: atostogų būstai

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[OPEN SALE] 뷰맛집✨ 4K UHD 빔프로젝터 송현아&트리플 1분 테크노파크역 5분
Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas · 2 svečiai · 1 lova · 1,5 vonios

[OPEN SALE] 뷰맛집✨ 4K UHD 빔프로젝터 송현아&트리플 1분 테크노파크역 5분- @Technopark 5min/ 3 min walk to Hyundai Premium Outlet / 1 min away from Triple Street mal. You can get anywhere in 5 min - The room has 3 windows having 3 totally different view point. - Good for friends, couple, business and alone with things to refresh. - No TV but 4K UHD beam projector with Netflix, Youtube Premium and cable TV - Hope you enjoy reading and doing something what you want with music. - The bed room isn't separated by the wall but completely divided with a sliding door

High floor view with Netflix
Visas būstas: kondominiumas (butas) · 3 svečiai · 2 lovos · 1 vonia

High floor view with NetflixA clean and spacious room in Ansan city. It has 1 bedroom equipped with 1 single bed and sofa bed. You can use the entire house. It takes 5 mins by train from Gohan Station, 60 mins by train from Incheon International Airport. There is no free parking space.

이글루프 : 도심속 캠핑
Namelis · 2 svečiai · 0 lovų · 1 vonia

이글루프 : 도심속 캠핑도심속에서 하는 캠핑- 이글루프 옥탑방 신원시장 골목의 어느 옥상에 마련된 작은 옥탑방입니다. 올라오는 계단이나, 작은 방의 시설들이 조금은 불편하실 수 있어요. 하지만 야외에 앉아, 건물 사이로 불어오는 바람과 맥주 한캔이면 멀리 놀러온 듯한 느낌을 받으실 거에요. 신림역에서 이글루프 옥탑방으로 오는 길에는 신림역 번화가, 도림천, 신원시장이 있어요. 신원시장이 특히 도보 30초면 갈 수 있어서, 먹거리를 사러 가기 좋아요.

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Yeonseong-dong: kiti puikūs būstai atostogoms čia

  1. Visas būstas: kondominiumas (butas)
  2. Gojan-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si
Center of Ansan
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Siheung-si
#시흥 배곧 #자가격리가능 #예쁜고층뷰 #깨끗하고예쁜 #newopen세일 #배곧중심상가
  1. Visas būstas: kondominiumas (butas)
  2. Guro-dong, Guro-gu
  1. Visas būstas: gyvenamasis namas
  2. Gunpo-si
Woody Rooftop Namu House(Dual floor Rooftop house)
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Hosu-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si
Ansan 중앙역 도보15분 깨끗하고 편안한 원룸
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Oryu 2(i)-dong, Guro-gu
#EVENT #오후2시 체크아웃 #아지트같은 아늑함 투컴하우스 #오류동역도보3분
  1. Visas būstas: kondominiumas (butas)
  2. Simgokbon-dong, Sosa-gu, Bucheon
자유롭고 편안하게 그리고 행복한 하루!!!
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Siheung-si
♡시흥 배곧 신도시♡자가격리가능♡무료넷플릭스 ♡철저한소독♡다양한배달음식♡배곧중심지
  1. Visas būstas: gyvenamasis namas
  2. 9-16 Seongju-ro 244beon-gil, Bucheon Si
합리적인 가격 부천 그린하우스
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu
Juodai balta (ekonomiškas kambarys)
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. Songdo 1(il)-dong, Yeonsu-gu
le sommet 2호점(초고층환상뷰, 55인치TV, 초역세권, 햇살맛집, 야경맛집)
  1. Visas būstas: gyvenamasis namas
  2. Gwanak-gu
💫 1인을 위한 미니미 House (Sillim-dong, Gwanak, Seoul)

Yeonseong-dong: ką smagiausia nuveikti atvykus

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Once Upon a Time - Read Korean Folktales
    Embrace your inner child and explore Korean culture through a folktale with your friends, family, and teams! More than 500 Korean folktales are discovered, and kids in Korea still read these traditional stories at home and schools. In this online program, we will read a Korean folktale together, in English! But not only that, we also learn Korean words as well as the authentic cultural backgrounds related to the folktales for a holistic experience. This family friendly program suits all ages! Every month, we present a different story so come join us if you would like to take a part in an interactive story time! ▶ Important Notes ◀ 1) This program is recommended for children as young as four years old for maximized interaction and comprehension. Guardians are encouraged to be present. 2) Booking is per person joining the program. 3) For group-bookings (schools, workshops, team-socials), private requests, new dates & times, and any other questions, please feel free to contact us via message. We've been privileged to host for Fulbright, Coursera, ChildFund International, Curology, BumoBrain, Benchling, and Workforce!
    Nuo Kaina:€7 asmeniui
  • K-Beauty Class-Design Lip Color Products
    Welcome to VIC'S LAB KOREA♡ HELLO sweetie IT'S TIME TO put on healthy makeup !!! Let's make lipstick or liquid lipstick (sometimes we call it "lip gloss") which is only one colored in the world ! you are gonna create perfect color for yourself on your own Yeah ~ you can choose what you make first. [ ex) 2lipsticks or 1 lipstick&1 liquid one] I will give you a brief explanation and some instructions in order to have a successful experience. I will then check your skin tone and, using 20 color drapes,(picked be loved color) find the best shades for you. You'll pick your two favorite colors and start to make your own two lipsticks. Of course, I will help you to make them perfect. We'll make healthy makeup products based on natural oil, as opposed to the fuel oil found easily at any makeup store. JOIN ME NOW★
    Nuo Kaina:€37 asmeniui
  • K-Beauty Get Camera Ready with a tv host
    Get a Gangnam style look with me at home. In this experience, you’ll get an introduction to K-beauty and how to do simple and natural looks with your own products. We’ll also use this as an opportunity to meet different people from around the world, sharing our beauty tips and hacks with one another. K-beauty is getting popular worldwide, so I’ll start with a brief introduction to K-beauty. After a short ice breaker, we’ll cover the basic steps of Korean skincare, such as seasonal skincare and tips based on your skin type. Then we’ll do a simple & natural makeup look step by step following my lead. During the makeup session, I will give you overall consultations on products and tools as well as how to mix the colors to make “my-face-but-better” while doing point make up. Guests can show their daily items and are free to recommend or question.
    Nuo Kaina:€13 asmeniui
  • [K-BEAUTY 101] With a TV host
    "How come Korean ladies' skin glowing?" "Why every Korean girls' make up look so pretty?" "I want to start make-up, but don't know what to begin." Then PLEASE BOOK : ) Airbnb Experience Korea Beauty #1 with the most reviews, the only workshop done by TV appearance, total over three thousands guests favorite! ▶What we'll do - Cleansing (only If you have make-up) - Skincare - Korean natural make up ▶What You'll get -Glowing skin (My skin but better) - Minus 5 years younger looking (at least) - Can achieve 'Gangnam style' make-up by yourself - A lists of Korean cosmetics that I actually use everyday - So much fun - Awesome selfies - New friends from all over the world First, we'll proceed to my studio in Gangnam area where all cosmetic stores are nearby. Then remove all make-up and start natural make-up known as make-up no make-up look. This is a K-beauty signature look and of course making your skin beautifully glowing . I'll provide you with personalized tips and recommendations about various brands and products. COME and GET PRETTY WITH US! ▶ Instagram: @cyoungpark_ Other things to note Please bring any of your own cosmetics you may want to use to do K-Beauty makeup.
    Nuo Kaina:€41 asmeniui
  • Delicious Korean Recipes-Kimchi tofu etc
    Hello, Annyeonghaseyo! Welcome to the Korean cooking class online. 8 classes with 2 yummy dishes rotate every week, so please check out and book. When you book, you will receive detailed ingredients list of the menu you chose. * note * 12 - 18 Jul : Kimchi making 2 - Fresh napa cabbage Kimchi, Radish Kimchi 19 - 25 Jul : Meat dishes - Bulgogi ( Marinade beef ), Spicy stir-fried pork 26 Jul - 1 Aug : Pancake making - meatball pancake, squash pancake 2 - 8 Aug : Tofu making - Tofu, soft tofu, soy milk, soybean pulp 9 - 15 Aug : Cooking tofu - soybean pulp pancake, braised tofu in soy sauce 16 - 22 Aug : cooking Kimchi 1 - Kimchi pancake, Kimchi fried rice 23 - 29 Aug : cooking Kimchi 2 - Kimchi stew, Stir-fried Kimchi served with tofu 30 Aug - 5 Sep : Kimchi making 1 - Napa cabbage Kimchi for long term, Cucumber Kimchi 6 - 12 Sep : Kimchi making 2 - Fresh napa cabbage Kimchi, Radish Kimchi * Vegetarian options available. This is a hands-on, interactive cooking class. After class, you will receive a beautifully designed recipe PDF as a souvenir. So you can repeat yummy Korean cooking for your beloved family and friends later again. * When you buy a private class, you can choose any 2 dishes you want to cook. * Highly recommended to company group class for team building.
    Nuo Kaina:€15 asmeniui