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Amazing Mountain Modern Chalet+ Misty Forest +Wifi
Visas būstas: poilsio namelis · 6 svečiai · 4 lovos · 1 vonia

Amazing Mountain Modern Chalet+ Misty Forest +WifiIf you want to get out of the city noise and get your self on a journey of tranquility and peace, where you can enjoy nature, have a glass of wine and breathe fresh air, then this is the perfect place for you.

Relajante apartamento bella vista
Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas · 2 svečiai · 2 lovos · 1 vonia

Relajante apartamento bella vistaDisfruta la vista elegante de este alojamiento tranquilo y céntrico.

Breathtaking Mountain Chalet+Cloudy Forest+Wifi
Visas būstas: poilsio namelis · 5 svečiai · 3 lovos · 1 vonia

Breathtaking Mountain Chalet+Cloudy Forest+WifiThis newly-built Cottage is a perfect spot to relax and inmerse in an environment of pure nature, fresh air and green mountains, where rest and tranquility predominates. All surrounded by lush gardens of locally grown plants and flowers.

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  1. Visas būstas: gyvenamasis namas
  2. Alajuela
Casa Español
  1. Privatus kambarys
  2. San Ramon
Confort y seguridad a buen precio
  1. Privatus kambarys
  2. San Ramón
Habitación con baño, para persona sola o pareja.
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. San Ramón
¡Hermoso apartamento, para hasta 5 personas!
  1. Visas būstas: butas su patarnavimu
  2. San Ramon
Beautiful house in The center of San Ramón
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. San Ramón
Beautiful "Boruca" apartment with office!
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. San Ramón
  1. Visas būstas: trobelė
  2. San Ramón
Cabaña atardeceres es un hermoso y tranquilo lugar
  1. Privatus kambarys
  2. San Ramon
La Paz y tranquilidad desde mi casa
  1. Privatus kambarys
  2. San Ramón
El Bosque Lodge Agroecoturismo Cabina No. 10
  1. Visas būstas: nuomojamas būstas
  2. San Ramón
Casa céntrica en San Ramón de Alajuela
  1. Visas būstas: atskiri svečių apartamentai
  2. San Ramon
Mirador Las Golondrinas

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Patvirtintos kokybės unikali vietinių ekspertų organizuojama veikla

  • Rescate Wildlife guided tour
    Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center and the lifetime care sanctuary is situated on 36 acres of natural forest in La Garita Alajuela, just 15 minutes from Juan Santamaría International Airport. Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center rescues over 3,000 wild animals every year. Roughly 2% of the animals we receive cannot be released back into the wild because they have been too badly injured, or they have been kept as pets and are too used to humans. These animals are provided with lifetime care in Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center’s Lifetime Care Sanctuary. Here the sanctuary residents live in highly naturalized habitats nestled amongst thirteen acres of lush, tropical botanical gardens. There are over 800 wild animals (125 species), living in the Lifetime Care Sanctuary including, sloths, jaguars, tapirs, pumas, coyotes, and monkeys as well as a wide variety of birds, small mammals, reptiles. Also within the wildlife sanctuary is an exotic animal sanctuary where you can see ostriches, emus, peacocks, colorful pheasants, and many species of exotic birds. Your visit to Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center not only helps support all of the sanctuary animals but also the wild animals that they rescue and return to their rightful place in the wild. This is an amazing educational experience for anyone in love with nature! Other things to note Rescate wildlife is an establish rescue centre, establish over 30 years ago. It is a safe place for your everyone to be able to experience and learn about the Costa Rican Flora and Fauna. Safety for our guest and our animals is our number one priority.
    Nuo Kaina:€29 asmeniui
  • Coffee fruit micro-winery Tour & Taste
    We would go right into the coffee plantation, show you the way of farming we do. And talk about the production changes that we have taken in our family. We would explane the discovery of the cofree fruit and the chalenges we have overcome. As we start tasting the unique flavors of our coffee fruit wines. We would taste different types of wine as we pair it with some other flavors so we can learn how is the best way of drinking it. Coffee tasting is optional if required Other things to note There is an optional hike if you were intersted at the beginning. So to be prepare hiking shoes are more comfortable (it's a very short hike) It's a family run business, in a small scale operation. Don't expect huge buildings or infrastructure. Natural Caffeinated products.
    Nuo Kaina:€16 asmeniui
  • Family-Echo-Bio Coffee Plantation Tour
    My family and I will explain our coffee farming experience so you'll have a better idea of what your lovely coffee means. Coffee unites us, and we'll help you understand the market so you can choose better, and why organic farming is so different from what you may think. You'll learn about the realities of farming from real farmers who aren't using chemicals to produce an excellent cup of coffee. We'll spend almost one hour talking about the process, and help you understand coffee and farming with an open mind. We'll see the plants, the roasting, and the brewing. You'll discover how to make a better cup of coffee, how to get what you want from a java cup, and learn about other products made with the coffee fruit. You'll support a family who'll give you a unique and authentic experience. Other things to note Come with hiking boots and long pants. You must drive to get to our farm or take a bus at 9 AM from Atenas.
    Nuo Kaina:€19 asmeniui
  • Quartz Crystals Hunting Trail
    General Info: First Ever Crystal Hunting Tour in Costa Rica!!! -Let’s search for abundant clear quartz crystals in the mountains of San Ramon, Costa Rica! -If you would like to cleanse your beautiful crystals (which is optional) in a nearby stream, be aware that the walk is moderately challenging as we are heading our way down and coming back the same way up, so make sure you bring a water bottle during the hike! -We should respect the Earth by so we only dig by hand and/or hand shovels to make a minimal impact on the environment. -During Winter here in Costa Rica (May to Mid-November) days may vary due to the weather. Contact me if you are around so we can plan something depending with the weather! -And if you see a date that is not available in the calendar, message me privately to make sure!! I might be free and have time still -Ages 3 and up can attend. -Must be able to walk and climb over/under obstacles, bend over frequently to pick up crystals. -I promise you will find crystals! After we finish searching for crystals. I will offer you some of Costa Rica's TROPICAL and EXOTIC fruits and fresh coconut water! (Fruits will vary according to the season.) Other things to note Wear long pants, bring bug repellent, and best if you wore closed toe shoes :)
    Nuo Kaina:€43 asmeniui
  • The Fruit Hunter Experience
    We’ll enjoy the day together in a lush and colorful, edible forest garden. You'll harvest seasonal, rare fruits and perennial vegetables that you've never tasted before and will never forget. If it's the right season, we’ll plant a tree for future generations to enjoy and, to end, we'll explore a lush waterfall trail. Other things to note Please bring a hat, light pants, comfortable shoes, and your spirit of adventure.
    Nuo Kaina:€62 asmeniui

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