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5 UNCLE ALDUS Horse Stall Suite & Breakfast!

Kambario tipas: privatus kambarys, būsto tipas: viešnagė sodyboje. Šeimininkas: Jay
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Enjoy a Tennessee Country Bed & Breakfast at its best! Great for 3 or 4 peeps & a pet! See ya soon! Country breakfast cooked to order! The famous, iconic Starstruck Farm horse barn Reba built has been converted to a B & B! Each unique 2 level Horse Stall Suite has its own private FULL bathroom, a full size memory foam bed down & a queen size bed in the loft, big screen TV, wifi, quiet heat/cool and lots more! Family friendly!
Hike & sightsee on 46 acres! Thanks!

Uncle Aldus Smith aka "Unk" was the coolest uncle ever! Aldus was unique and a bit of renegade. Aunt Lucille was wife number 5 but she was his true love! I remember as a little boy asking Unk what happened to his first 4 wives and he just smiled and said, "well, I guess I wore them all out!" What a guy.

Starstruck Farm is a 46 acre originally owned by Reba McEntire. Thank you Reba!

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The Starstruck Farm "Horse Stall Suites" sit in one of Tennessee's most beautiful and iconic structures, which was originally constructed and owned by Reba McEntire! Thank you Reba! The barn sits in the middle of 46 acres of beautiful Tennessee farmland, complete with trees, ponds and wildlife. Guests are welcome to to walk or ride bikes around the farm. The farm is located just 200 yards from Old Hickory Lake. Cherokee Marina, Gallatin Marina and Martha Gallatin Rec Area are all very close by. Come visit! Hang out and "demateralize" for a day or week or two! See you soon!

Kiti svarbūs dalykai
HOUSE RULES - IMPORTANT. Renter agrees to read the following HOJSE RULES BEFORE booking and BEFORE arrival, and abide by the same.

1. Renter agrees to check in ONLY to the specific unit rented. Each listing has its name on the door or above the door of the unit. In the event a Renter checks into the wrong unit Renter agrees to pay Owner a $50 fee to compensate for additional cleaning and rescheduling costs.

2. Upon Check-In Renter agrees to inspect rented unit and notify Owner of any issues that need attending to and Owner shall make every good faith effort to immediately address those issues.

3. Pets must be registered as additional guests. Dogs and cats ONLY are permitted as long as they are healthy, clean, well-groomed, friendly, don’t bark or whine when unattended; leashed when outside and cleaned up after. Pet waste must be disposed of properly. Owner’s towels are not to be used to bathe or groom pets. Renter will list pet(s) as additional guests. Renter is liable for damages and extra housekeeping services required if applicable.

4. Renter’s Disclosure of Correct Number of Guests When Making Reservation/Failure to Correct. The Renter has a responsibility to Owner to truthfully list on the reservation the correct number of guests, including counting pets as additional guests. Failure to do so, if left uncorrected will result in Owner providing Renter(s) a negative review and comments. The correct number is required because Owner incurs greater housekeeping, overhead and food costs commensurate with a greater number of people and pets occupying the rented spaces.

5. Extra Guests/Tent Camping at Starstruck Farm or Twig City Farm. Renter can set up one tent for additional persons in their party and the charge is $15 per person, to be paid at the time of the reservation. Those guests are entitled to same amenities and services as the sponsoring Renter is entitled to.

6. Inherent Risk and Liability for Injury. Starstruck Farm and Twig City Farm are Tennessee Agritourism Farms and there may be inherent risks. Accordingly, the Tennessee Agritourism Law provides liability protection for Agritourism Farms and visitors assume all risks of injury. The law states: Under Tennessee law, there is no liability for an injury to or death of a participant, or damage to the property of a participant, in an agritourism activity conducted at this agritourism location or by this agritourism professional if such injury, death, or property damage results from the inherent risks of the agritourism activity.

7. Behavior & Noise. All persons will behave in a family friendly manner at all times on Owner’s property. Shouting, arguing, swearing or obscene behavior will cause the immediate termination of the Renter’s occupancy without any refund. If Owner receives two complaints about noise or behavior Renter shall be asked to leave the property and shall do so within 15 minutes or police will be called.

8. Alcoholic Beverage Consumption. All alcoholic beverages shall be concealed from view and consumed publicly in solo cups or similar or if in cans, cans must be in koozies. People who have reserved various units at Starstruck Farm may not gather together in the common area of the barn and consume alcohol unless utilizing care and understanding that families with young children may also be present.

9. Third Party Bookings. (Example: Daughter books for Mother and Father.) Booking for persons other than yourself does not relieve you of responsibilities under this contract. The Renter is the responsible party. Care should be exercised to make sure the person(s) occupying the space you rent are aware of all rules and follow them to the letter. RENTER MUST PROVIDE THIRD PARTY GUESTS WITH A COPY OF THIS CONTRACT WELL BEFORE THEIR ARRIVAL. (Note: As an experienced Owner I advise you not to consider booking for others not only because of the above-mentioned potential problems but also because other person(s) may not be satisfied with the lodging or wanted a different kind of lodging than what you are providing for them.)

10. Renter shall check out of the property in broom clean condition with the exception of making beds. Beds are not to be made on the day of departure. Please leave towels and linens in the clothes basket or on the bathroom floor. Renter is responsible for leaving dishes and cookware (if applicable) clean and stacked by the kitchen sink.

11. Late Check-Out. Renter agrees to pay Owner the sum of $25 per hour for each hour Renter is late checking out up to 3 hours and then $50 per hour for all hours being late to check out after the first 3 hour period. Payment is due immediately.

12. Damages. Renter is responsible for all damages to rented space. If damages or losses occur Renter shall immediately notify Owner. If damages or losses are discovered by Owner after Renter departs Owner will notify Renter within 2 calendar days and Renter shall reimburse Owner immediately.

13. Smoking, Vaping, Trash & Debris. Absolutely no smoking or vaping inside any and all rented spaces or inside the barn or other structures at Starstruck Farm. $150 clean fee if renter smokes inside. Smoking is permitted outside as long as it is 50 feet or more from doors. Cigarette butts will not be thrown down or left on any outside area of rented space. Renters agree not to throw trash or debris on Owner’s property.

14. Unregistered Guests. Parties agree that rented space is not to be used as a central gathering point for parties or get-togethers. Not “party central”. If rented space is used in this manner Owner may terminate Renter’s stay with no monies being refunded. Failure to immediately vacate the property will result in Owner requesting local police to assist.

15. Ratings and Reviews. Parties agree and understand that 5 star reviews are very important and are the goal of both the Owner and Renter. Sometimes all rental spaces may have occasional issues or items needing attention or repair. In the event attention is needed to correct or repair an issue or item Renter agrees to promptly inform Owner, and Owner shall expedite that work to be done promptly. Renter shall not provide Owner a negative review provided Owner has made good faith, prompt efforts to address and correct problems.

16. Additional service and all other charges including damage charges are payable in full upon receipt.

17. Parking & Speed Limit. The speed limit is a strict 5 miles per hour. No exceptions. Renters can park close to the rented spaces, including parking on the grass at Starstruck Farm as long as it is not raining or has recently rained. Renters are responsible for tow charges and labor to fill in ruts in the event their vehicle gets stuck.

18. Bed & Breakfast Policy. All registered guests at Starstruck Farm are entitled to a home cooked, country breakfast. Breakfast is not included for pets or for unregistered persons but is available at reasonable prices paid at the kitchen. In the unlikely and rare event there is a maintenance or labor issue preventing the kitchen from operating Owner will provide a $6 credit back to Renter for each registered guest.

19. Souvenirs and Additional Services or Charges. Starstruck Farm offers various souvenir items which can be purchased at the kitchen. Firewood, bike rental and various other goods and services are also available and paid for at the kitchen.

20. Photography/Video Productions. All guests are encouraged to take pictures and videos of Owner’s property with the exception of intended commercial uses. If there is an intent to use photos or videos for commercial purposes please contact Jay Wilfong in advance. (Note: We encourage guests to share their photos and videos with us for possible inclusion in promotion and advertising.)

21. Carrying and Display of Firearms. Owner observes Tennessee law regarding firearms but asks that all firearms are concealed when on the property.

22. Lost Keys/Lock Outs. Renter agrees to pay Owner the sum of $25 if a key is lost by Renter or if Renter gets locked out requiring Owner to send a maintenance person to unlock the door.

23. Storage and Shipment of Items Left Behind. Renter should take great care when checking out not to leave any personal items behind. If an item is found and placed in lost and found Renter has 30 days to reclaim the item(s) and after that time period the item(s) will be donated or disposed of. There must be a $20 minimum charge to store, package and mail each item to the Renter to offset labor, storage, packaging and postage. Payment is expected prior to item being shipped out.

24. Payment and Cancellation Policy. Parties agree that a) payment in full is due prior to check in and b) to abide by the cancellation policies of the Short Term Rentals websites that Renter makes the reservations under, OR if cancellation policies are not listed on those websites, OR if booked directly through the Owner the following Cancellation Policy terms apply: Guests can cancel a reservation no later than 5 days before the check in date of the reservation and will receive a full refund.

25. Liberty Limousine Service. Guests can reserve the services of Liberty Limousine Services for tours, as well as trips to Nashville and surrounding areas. The pricing is $150 per hour with a 20% driver gratuity paid in advance.

26. Renter’s Confirmation to Owner that Renter has read this contract in its entirety and fully agrees to abide by the terms and conditions contained. Renter shall confirm to Owner that Renter has read the contract. After that time, Owner will provide Renter the Check in Information.
Enjoy a Tennessee Country Bed & Breakfast at its best! Great for 3 or 4 peeps & a pet! See ya soon! Country breakfast cooked to order! The famous, iconic Starstruck Farm horse barn Reba built has been converted to a B & B! Each unique 2 level Horse Stall Suite has its own private FULL bathroom, a full size memory foam bed down & a queen size bed in the loft, big screen TV, wifi, quiet heat/cool and lots more… skaityti daugiau

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Lebanon, Tennessee, Jungtinės Valstijos

Svečius priima Jay

Prisijungė 2016 m. balandis
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Time marches on! One day you are a young "whippersnapper" and the next day you are a crotchety old geez! Anyway, I look forward to having the opportunity to host you in one of my places! Please come visit my Twig City Farm tiny houses or the one and only Horse Stall Suites at Starstruck Farm! I am a real estate investor, guitarist, song writer, patent holding inventor, homeopathic/natural medicine researcher, artist, designer, author, humorist, philosopher, pilot and self taught "chef". I opened my first "business" at age 6 making potholders and selling them to the neighbor ladies in Willow Branch, Indiana. I have always been self employed and engaged in "labors of love" in my ventures. I studied business law in high school and in recent years but I am not a lawyer. I have successfully represented myself in various court proceedings, as well as at the Tennessee Supreme Court of Appeals. I enjoy BBQ'ing, and a few shots of Gray's Peak Small Batch Meyer Lemon vodka once in awhile and have been known to smoke a stogie or two. (A stogie is a cigar for those of you from Delbert, Indiana or Somerset, KY.) I have 4 grown children and at least 11 grandkids and have been single since '99. I live on my "Twig City Farm" where I have several tiny houses for you to choose from. In 2019 I purchased Reba McEntire's former horse farm known as Starstruck Farm and have converted the horse stalls and barn into a Bed & Breakfast! My current projects include: 1. Working on Starstruck Farm. When complete it will be a beautiful 46 acre farm with pick your own fruits/veggies, bed and breakfast, entertainment, great food! 2. I am in the middle planning stages of FongLab. FongLab will be a small research and development campus that will perfect, patent, develop and market hundreds of concepts, ideas, inventions, treatments and products that I have worked on or envisioned over the years. 3. Planning and early development of my U.S. patent for the world's first "Vortex Racing League" facility. 4. Working on writing several books: The first is a booked titled "Beyond Flipping - The Power of Options". The second is a sci-fi efforts entitled "The Laughing Guy". The third is a true story account of my twelve year legal battle against multiple real estate sharks, entitled "David v. Goliaths". The fourth is another sci-fi effort entitled The Quell. Other than those and a few other projects, I am just a lazy bones. My Airbnb host philosophy about interactions with guests is "to give you space to enjoy your vacation, getaway or trip but at the same time be readily available if you need something!" Why do I have that philosophy? I am sure that you do not book my places to hang out with me but if you have an urge to "shake and howdy" please let me know, as I would love to meet you. My staff and I never intrude on your privacy and will not knock on your door unless there is some very good reason, if I am unable to contact you by phone, text or email. My helpers and I make every effort to leave you alone to enjoy yourselves. My life motto is, "Better to climb and fall than to never climb at all! One of my favorite thoughts is, "If you pick up a hammer, choose to cut diamonds." My advice to politicians is "Shut up and fix the potholes!"
Time marches on! One day you are a young "whippersnapper" and the next day you are a crotchety old geez! Anyway, I look forward to having the opportunity to host you in one of my p…
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