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Dali song He-ShanYin-big bed room

Kambarys, butikinis viešbutis. Šeimininkas: 奕欢的小院
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Selection of imported high density pure cotton bedding ,Strict home laundry、Air drying system、Disinfection and cleaning maintenance,Eradicate the pollution of cheap chemicals.
Breakfast Buffet、wifi 、24h hot water 、Guide to the shop. Each room is equipped with Bluetooth speakers, hot water bag, tea, flower.
And the following services include paid services:
Sightseeing consulting, calling service, assisting car rental service, express service.
Will Lujiang for guests with tea lounge, recreation.

An independent room that provides private space is completely different from the Hotel Inn experience. It is more suitable for families or friends to live on vacation.
If you have anything to help you ask for the beauty of the reception.

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Dali, Yunnan, Kinija

The position of the small courtyard is quiet, walking ten steps can reach the people's road, and turn a corner to experience the city of Dali's national characteristics. It is a bustling, sensual retreat home, quiet; access.
In addition to the comfortable and clear bedroom, there are many leisure space:
1, customer service and elegant, tatami set;
2, suitable for reading or gathering glass house with soft sofa ring;
3, in the courtyard has bamboo flowers and fish;
4, Dali yard considerable blue sky, the clouds wind...... In short, the hospital of greenery, color flowers, people in a calm mood. In addition, the front desk housekeeper is waiting every day for consultation and mediation, and the whole holiday is carefree.
The road outside the hospital goes, the flowers all the way, the sun through the leaves of wanton spilling down, the shuttle in the alley, and occasionally met Kitty is sunbathing, accompanied by the breeze, the feeling of the ancient city of Dali slow time.

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Prisijungė 2017 m. lapkritis
  • 10 atsiliepimų
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Viešnagės metu
Please take this as your own home, and keep all the facilities in the home and keep clean. Each item is routinely used in its normal way, Abnormally "use" to make small facilities and furniture objects damaged, according to the compensation price is.
Please put the cigarette smokers, soot will provide the vessel.don't throw to the ground, the flower pot.
After the use of the kitchen, do not leave uneaten food in the tableware,otherwise we will ask for reasonable cleaning costs and claim compensation.
Quiet Please

Quiet Please
As you know, the courtyard is a residential area with a false change. Please keep quiet when you check in. Especially in this period of time between 23:00-08:00. Who also has a row of neurasthenia neighbors, not love him as yourself, at least we can do not disturb him.
Please take this as your own home, and keep all the facilities in the home and keep clean. Each item is routinely used in its normal way, Abnormally "use" to make small facilities…
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