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Kaip pateikiami paieškos rezultatai

Wondering how Airbnb search results work? You’ve come to the right place. Airbnb uses an algorithm to generate search results that appeal to guests. The algorithm sorts through the millions of listings on Airbnb to find the right listings for each search. Guests enter search criteria and the algorithm returns listings that reflect those criteria.

Factors that influence search results

The algorithm considers many factors to determine how to order search results, but some factors have a larger impact than others. In particular, the quality, popularity, price, and location of a listing heavily influence how a listing appears in search results. The algorithm also encourages variety within search results—so that guests are presented with listings that have different Hosts, different characteristics, and a range of prices.

  • Quality. The algorithm assesses many characteristics to evaluate listing and trip quality, including the listing photos, ratings and reviews, listing characteristics and amenities, and customer service and cancellation information. Higher quality listings with better ratings and reviews tend to rank higher in search.
  • Popularity. The algorithm evaluates the popularity of a listing using a wide range of information, including how guests engage with the listing. Examples of guest engagement with a listing include how often guests save a listing to their wishlist, how often guests book, and how often guests message the Host. More popular listings tend to rank higher in search.
  • Price. To determine how attractive the price of a listing is, the algorithm considers a variety of price data, including total price and how that price compares to other listings in the area for the given dates. Listings that are priced below other comparable listings in the area with similar guest capacity and amenities tend to rank higher in search.
  • Location. The location of a stay has a large impact on how the listing appears in search results. Listings located in places that guests like to stay tend to rank higher, for example: accommodations close to popular landmarks.

Using search filters and settings

We offer a variety of search filters and other settings that guests can use to adjust their search results. For example, guests can filter stays by the type of place, price range, number of rooms and beds, amenities, booking options, and accessibility features. We also offer guests the ability to find their search results on a map. To help guests understand the geographic distribution of listings that meet their search criteria, the listings that appear on the map may differ from those that appear in the list. Guests also have the option to browse or search categories of stays and Experiences. When guests search within a particular category, their results will be limited to listings within that category.

How Hosts influence search results

  • Availability. The more dates a listing is available, the more likely it is compatible with a guest’s plans—so adding availability may improve the visibility of a listing. Similarly, the more flexibility a Host offers around how long guests can stay, the more likely the listing will work with the guest’s plans and show up in search results.
  • Pricing. Because price has a large impact on search results, one of the ways Hosts can most directly affect the performance of their listing in search is by adjusting their price or offering discounts. For example, many Hosts offer lower prices or discounts to attract guests to newer listings or during less busy travel seasons.
  • Great photos. High-quality listing photos, and in particular an eye-catching cover photo, help attract guests’ attention and improve engagement, which can improve ranking. A comprehensive listing description and accurate list of amenities help guests evaluate the listing and develop the confidence to book. Some guests are looking for specific amenities or listing characteristics, like a crib, hot tub, step-free entrance, or a listing that allows pets. Adding sought-after amenities or characteristics to a listing can make the listing more attractive to guests and improve visibility in searches for listings with those amenities or characteristics.
  • Hospitality and settings. Host behavior and the settings they use also influence ranking. Hosts who deliver outstanding hospitality generally improve the performance of their listings over time. For example, the algorithm considers the Superhost criteria—the number of cancellations by a Host, the responsiveness of the Host, and ratings and reviews for a listing—as well as Superhost status itself, when ordering search results. For listings that are not instantly bookable, the algorithm considers how quickly Hosts respond to guest inquiries and how often Hosts reject requests to book. This means that listings that can be booked instantly may rank higher in search results because responses are automatic and the booking is confirmed without the Host needing to affirmatively accept the request.

How guests influence search results

Guests can shape their search results by entering information like a location, dates, and the number of guests and pets. Guests can also find listings within specific categories and use filters or the map to refine their search results. If there aren’t enough high quality listings available that match a guest’s search criteria, we may show other listings that we think might appeal to the guest, even if they do not meet all of the guest’s criteria.

We also use information we have about a guest to suggest listings, destinations or categories they might like and determine and rank their search results. For example, if a guest’s past bookings share certain characteristics, the algorithm may rank listings or categories with those characteristics higher for that guest. Similarly, if a guest has a stay reservation, the algorithm may rank higher Experiences that are available nearby during the dates of that reservation.

How search works for recently activated listings

To help Hosts get started, the algorithm is designed to make sure new listings show up well in search results. New listings usually show up in search results within 24 hours, but in some cases they may take longer.


Our ranking algorithms will evolve over time to reflect changes to our business and technology, in our community, and around the world. Find out which factors impact search and how to improve your ranking in the Resource Center.

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