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Profesionalaus šeimininko paskyros patvirtinimas

When you host or help with hosting on Airbnb, you may be asked to provide information such as your legal name, date of birth, or government ID for verification. We may ask you to provide details about your business and relevant individuals. These details are required by law as part of a process called Know Your Customer (KYC).

If anything’s incorrect, your account permissions could be limited, and you may not be able to receive payouts.

If information is required for your account, you'll receive an email and in-app notifications with instructions on how to provide what's needed.

What we’ll ask you for

We recommend you review these terms before getting started to help you better understand what information is needed and how to enter it correctly:

  • Your info: Info for the person operating the account on behalf of the business
  • Your business: Includes professional sole proprietors and partnerships
  • Beneficial owners: Anyone who directly or indirectly owns or controls 25% or more of the business
  • Account managers: Anyone else accessing the Host account

Make sure you have this information available before you get started.


Full legal name

Trading name (if different than legal name)

Residential address

Registered address

Trading address

(if different than registered address)

Date of birth

Place of birth

Country of citizenship

Percentage of business owned or controlled

Confirmation of authorization to represent the business

Business registration number

You may also have optional fields to provide the:

  • Date the business was founded or incorporated (optional)
  • Website address (optional)

What happens if you don't provide your information

You may not be able to accept bookings or receive payouts from any hosting activities if you haven't provided the required information.

Steps to verify your account

1. Pirmiausiai pridėkite reikiamą informaciją

  1. Prisijunkite prie savo Airbnb paskyros.
  2. Eikite į Paskyros informacija.
  3. Spustelėkite Toliau.

Patarimas: progreso juostoje, kuri pasirodo po kiekvienos nebaigtos skilties, galite pamatyti savo pažangą ir apytikslį kiekvienos skilties užbaigimo laiką. Jei reikia daugiau laiko reikiamai informacijai pateikti, galite bet kada pasirinkti Išsaugoti ir išeiti, kad išsaugotumėte savo pažangą.

2. Choose your account description

You'll find several tiles with descriptions of each business type. Select the option that best matches your business type, and click or tap Next to continue.

    Here are some examples of options you may select, depending on your business type:

      • Select My account and then Professional host
      • Select Joint account and then Professional host
      • Select Private company
      • Select Public company
    • TRUST
      • Select Private company and then select the checkbox This business is registered as a charity or trust

    3. Add your info

    Enter the information requested in the Confirm your info section.

      • This section is for the details of the person who will be responsible for operating the Host account on behalf of the business.
      • The person operating the account must also confirm they're authorized to manage the Airbnb account on behalf of the business. 
      • If more than one person will be doing this, you’ll need to choose one person to be the primary person and enter their details. The other person(s) need to be added in the Account managers section.

        4. Add your business info

        Now add details about your business in the Add your business info section.

          • If your business is owned by a parent company, you need to enter your business’s information (and not the parent company’s information).
          • You only need to fill out the Trading name field if you use a trading name that is different than the registered legal name of your business.
            • Trading name: Some businesses use a name other than their registered name on their documentation and/or website. This name can also be called “trading as” (T/A) or “doing business as” (DBA). An example is a legal business name that is "ABC Limited" but they trade as “Happy Holidays.” 
          • If you're a registered sole proprietor or partnership but don't have a legal business name, enter your own legal name or the name of your partnership in the Legal business name field.

          5. Add beneficial owners

          Depending on the business type you selected, we may ask you about beneficial owners.

          What is a beneficial owner and why is it required?

          A beneficial owner is anyone who directly or indirectly owns or controls more than 25% of a business. If there’s a registered business or legal entity associated with your account, you may be asked to provide information for these people who own or control the company. This information is also required by KYC in order to prevent financial crimes.

          • If the person who was entered in the Your info section is also a beneficial owner, you won’t need to enter their information again; you’ll have the option to select that this person is also a beneficial owner.
          • You can add up to 4 beneficial owners, noting the percentage ownership for each.
          • If your business is owned by another business, then we’ll need the details of who owns that company. If your corporate structure is complex, you may need to go up several layers to identify the person(s) who ultimately own 25% or more of your business.
          • If nobody owns or controls 25% or more of your business, you may be asked to provide information relating to the person responsible for managing the business (ex: Managing Director or CEO). This section is called Business manager and will appear instead of the Beneficial owner section once you’ve told us there are no beneficial owners.

          6. Add account managers

          We may ask you for information about anyone else who manages the account in the Add an account manager section. If nobody else manages the account, you’ll have the option to select that.

          Once you've completed the form, click or tap Submit.

            What happens after providing your information

            As a next step, we'll verify the information. While we try to verify your information without involving you, we may ask you to provide additional information and/or documents as part of the verification process, including:

            • A valid (non-expired) government-issued ID for the person in the Your info section. You may be asked to upload this in Account details in a section which will appear only if we’ve asked for this person’s ID document.
            • A valid (non-expired) government-issued ID for the beneficial owner(s) or business manager (as applicable). You may be asked to upload this in Info request.
            • Business documentation showing the ownership of your business. You may be asked to upload this in Info request.
            • Additional clarification and edits if the information on your ID and/or documentation does not match (ex: legal names, birth dates). You'll be asked to edit this information in Account details

            How we’ll contact you

            If we need to contact you when verifying your information, we'll get in touch via message and email. It's important that you check your Host inbox frequently to access the links provided to complete the verification process. If you're using a software partner (API) that offers notification functionality, you'll also receive these notifications through your API.

            Uploading links

            If we ask you to provide supporting documents, please ensure that you follow the link(s) provided in the relevant message sent by our Airbnb support team in your Host inbox. You can access the locations to upload supporting documents by using the following links only:

            • ID for the beneficial owner(s) or business manager (as applicable): Info request
            • Business document, such as a document showing the ownership of your business: Info request
              • In some cases, we may ask you to provide a business document by attaching it directly to your reply to our request

            Note: You'll only need to take action if we've requested these documents. If we haven't asked for a document, you won’t see an option to upload documentation.

            FAQS about verification

            What kind of government IDs do we accept?

            We accept the majority of government-issued IDs for verification. Learn more about the types of IDs that can be used.

            Why has the document I provided been rejected?

            If we're not able to verify you with the document you provided, we’ll contact you to ask you to upload a new one. Some examples of why we might not be able to use an ID document you uploaded:

            • It has expired
            • It is too blurry to read
            • It was not issued by the government
            • It is someone else’s ID who is not entered on the account (ex: you wrote that the person operating the account is Person A but you uploaded the ID of Person B)

            Some examples of why we might not be able to use a business document you uploaded:

            • It doesn't contain the information we need, such as who owns the business or how much of the business the owners own
            • It is not from an independent source or an official document
            • The document has expired

            What kind of business document might we ask for?

            We may ask you to provide a document showing ownership of your business. This document should show the latest information about the beneficial owners of the business, including full name and ownership percentages or amount (ex: shares).

            If there are other entities which own your business, we may ask for further documents relating to the parent company, so that we can establish who is the ultimate owner.

            Which type of business documents can I upload?

            You may need to upload official document(s) based on your business type and location. The document(s) need to show the name of the person(s) who owns the business.

            Generally we can accept business documents such as:

            • Articles of association
            • Articles / Certificate of incorporation
            • Certificate of good standing
            • Certificate of company registration
            • Company bylaws
            • Memorandum of association
            • Value added tax (VAT) certificate or registration

            The names of these documents may vary based on the country your business is registered in. You can find a list of examples of documents we may be able to accept below.

            Where can I find my business documents?

            If you are not the person responsible for completing or filing your business paperwork, you may need to ask someone in your organization to help you with this step. For example, you may need to ask a company secretary, officer, or attorney.

            Will my Co-Host(s) also have to go through verification?

            If you have appointed anyone as a Co-Host for your listing or Experience, this person needs to create their own Airbnb account. Depending on their access rights, they may also be prompted to provide information about themselves such as their full legal name, date, and place of birth and their identity document.

            I have more than one Host account. How can I see which of my accounts you need information or documents about?

            We'll send an email notification to the email address associated with the Airbnb Host account under review.

            I have more than one Host account, and all the accounts are owned by the same person(s). Is there anything else I should be aware of?

            Please reach out to your Airbnb Account Manager for further information and support if you have multiple Host accounts.

            We are a property management company and provide hosting services for property owners. Whose information should we enter in the KYC form?

            You need to enter the person who will be responsible for operating the Host account on behalf of the business in the Your info section of the KYC process. This will likely be an employee of your property management company.

            You need to enter the details of the property management company (such as business registration number) in the Business info section.

            You need to add all the people who own or control more than 25% of your property management company in the Beneficial owner section. If nobody owns or controls more than 25% of the business, you should add the person responsible for the managing or directing the property management company, such as Managing Director or CEO, in the Business manager section.

            We are a property management company who provide hosting services for property owners and we pay out those owners directly from our Airbnb Host account. Do we need to provide information about these payouts?

            Yes, if you add a bank account in the payouts section of your account in a new name (ex: in the property owner’s name), you may be asked to select from a drop-down menu what role this person has. "Property owner" is one of the options you can select.

            Once I've completed the verification process, will I be asked to provide further information in the future?

            We may need to reach out to you again in the future to request further information. This may be because there was a change to your account (ex: a new employee becomes the primary person to operate the Host account). We are also required by law to conduct periodic reviews of information that we hold to make sure that all the information is up-to-date. It may be that we contact you then as well.

            What happens if I don’t respond to requests to provide documents or further information?

            Your payouts may be paused until you provide the required information.

            Our information has changed since I completed the KYC process but the fields in the form are no longer editable. What should I do?

            Please contact us to have the form unlocked.

            How to contact us

            • Our team’s message threads close after a certain number of days has passed (typically 30 or 90 days). If you're not able to reply to a message thread in your Host inbox about KYC verification, please contact us for further assistance.
            • If you experience a technical issue (ex: we've asked you to upload an ID but when you click on the link, there is no option available to upload an ID), please contact us for further assistance.
            • If you have any questions about the KYC process, please don't hesitate to ask your Account Manager, as they'll help advise on the next steps of your verification.
            • You can also contact us in case of any other questions.

            Examples of business documents

            The below includes examples of documents we may be able to accept based on the business's location. If you have issues identifying the appropriate document to include, please contact us for further assistance.




            • Australian Business Number Confirmation (Certificate of Registration)
            • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Record of Registration (Certificate of Registration)
            • Australian Business Register Extract (Commercial Register Extract)
            • Certificate of Registration of Change of Name
            • Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Extract (Charity or Non-Profit Extract)
            • Consumer Affairs Association Extract (Incorporated Association Extract)


            Commercial Registration Certificate (Issued by the Kingdom of Bahrain Ministry of Industry & Commerce)


            Trade License


            Kopie van publicatie in de Bijlagen tot het Belgisch Staatsblad / Copie des annexes publiées dans le registre officiel belge / Ausfertigung zur Veröffentlichung in den Anlagen zum Belgischen Staatsblatt (Copy of appendices published in the official Belgian register)


            Carte d'Identifiant Fiscal Unique (Tax ID Card)


            Business License issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Royal Government of Bhutan


            • Certificado da Condição de Microempreendedor Individual / CCMEI (MEI Certificate)
            • Requerimento de Empresário Individual (Enrollment document of the individual entrepreneur)
            • Declaração de Enquadramento de Empresa de Pequeno Porte – EPP (Declaration of small business category)
            • Ato Constitutivo da EIRELI (Incorporation document of EIRELI)


            • Certificate of Corporate Status
            • Letter or notice of assessment from a municipal, provincial, territorial or federal government
            • A partnership agreement (Only acceptable for partnership / non-profit / unincorporated legal entities)


            Registrace obchodu (Trade Registration)

            Dominican Republic

            Mercantile Registration


            MCDR registration certificate


            Kaupparekisteriote / Handelsregistrering (Trade Registration)


            • Extrait d'immatriculation D1 (Artisan Register Extract)
            • Avis de situation au répertoire SIREN (SIREN Register Extract)
            • Lettre de confirmation de numéro SIREN délivrée par l'Urssaf (SIREN Number Confirmation)
            • Statuts de l'Association (Articles of Association – only acceptable for non-profits)
            • Parution dans le Journal Officiel (Extract from the Official Gazette – only acceptable for non-profits)


            • Gewerbeanmeldung (Trade Registration)
            • Gewerbeschein (Trade License)


            • Registration Certificate of Establishment
            • Certificate or Registration document issued by the sales tax, service tax, or professional tax authorities
            • License or certificate of practice issued in the name of the proprietary concern by any professional body incorporated under a statute
            • GST certificate
            • Sales tax return
            • Income tax return


            • Company License
            • Ministerial Decree


            Partnership Agreement


            • Visura camerale / Certificato camerale (Registers and lists of authorized entities)
            • Rendiconto finanziario / Bilancio (Financial statements or equivalent documents)


            • 登記謄本 (Touki)
            • 印鑑登録証明書 (Seal registration certificate)


            Trade License


            • Komersanta reģistrācijas apliecība (Merchant Registration Certificate)
            • Lursoft dokuments (Lursoft Document)
            • Reģistra izsniegts dokuments ar PVN maksātāja numuru (VAT number from the register)


            Licence commerciale / Handelslizenz (Trade license)


            Dokumen Pendaftaran Perniagaan (Business Registration Document)


            • Cédula de Identificación Fiscal (Tax ID)
            • Constancia de Situación Fiscal SAT


            Bulletin de Notification de L'Identificant Fiscal (Tax ID Certificate)

            New Zealand

            New Zealand Companies Office Company Extract


            Certificat d'immatriculation (Registration Certificate)

            North Macedonia

            Extract from the Central Registry of North Macedonia (Commercial Registry Extract)


            Registro en SUNARP (SUNARP Registration)


            • Odpis z Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego - KRS + REGON
            • Numer Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego (KRS) (National Court Register number)
            • Zaświadczenie o numerze identyfikacyjnym REGON (REGON certificate)


            Commercial License


            Certificate constatatoare


            List vydaný vládou (Government issued letter)


            Obvestilo o identifikaciji in razvrstitvi po dejavnostih


            Documento acreditativo del NIF (NIF document)


            • Registreringsbevis (Skatteverket) (Document issued by government agency showing organization identity number)
            • Inskrivningsbevis (Notice by the Registration Office in the Official Gazette)


            หลักฐานแสดงการจดทะเบียนบริษัทที่ออกโดยรัฐบาล (Government issued proof of incorporation)


            Trade license / Freelancer permit

            United Kingdom

            • Charity Commission Document
            • HM Revenue and Customs: Account Statement

            United States

            • IRS Letter 147C
            • IRS SS-4 confirmation letter
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