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    Jei mano skelbimas būtų įtrauktas į Airbnb Plus. Kas toliau?

    Once you’ve been invited to Airbnb Plus and complete updates to your place that meet the program’s design standards, you’ll receive your new Airbnb Plus listing, featuring your professional photos and updated listing description, along with a whole new look. From the time that we send you the new listing, you’ll have 7 days to review and edit the details before it’s upgraded to Airbnb Plus.

    When your listing is upgraded, it’s published as an Airbnb Plus listing. At that time, your original listing will be replaced by your Airbnb Plus listing, which guests can see and book. Your existing reviews and ratings will transfer to your new listing and you’ll still be able to control your bookings and choose the price you set.

    When you join the program, you’ll be asked to agree to only list that place with Airbnb Plus. This means, after your updated listing has been published on Airbnb Plus, that you agree to:

    • Accept reservations for this property only on Airbnb or through your own website
    • Unlist this place to stay from other booking websites or services
    • Update your calendar availability on Airbnb

    The requirement to list your place exclusively with Airbnb Plus applies only to Airbnb Plus listings located in the United States of America, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Croatia, and Poland that have been invited to join Airbnb Plus exclusively.

    If you’re not ready for your listing to be upgraded to Airbnb Plus on the scheduled date, go to Manage Your Space in your hosting dashboard. From there, select Pause publishing, and your listing won’t publish with Airbnb Plus on that date. If you choose not to publish on this date, your original listing will remain active until you choose to publish it with Airbnb Plus.

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