Mena la pasta -making pasta at my home

Rome, Italija

Potyrio organizatorius: Mena

90 min., Potyrio metu kalbama: Anglų k.
Rūpinamasi sauga
Šis organizatorius įsipareigojo laikytis Airbnb COVID-19 saugos gairių.
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I am going to teach you how to prepare one of the most famous and traditional italian receipe: pasta! We will be in my home, in my kitchen, here in Rome. I will explain wich ingredients are necessary to make a good pasta, then I will show you all the steps, starting from mixing water and flour, to get tagliatelle, gnocchi, lasagna and many other. We will focus on the correct hand movement and the right consistence. We will make all the shape and kind of pasta you like, using my grandmother apposite tool, that she gave me long time ago

Kas įeina

  • Food
    I will provide all of the ingredients necessary to make pasta
  • Įranga
    One “Nonna Papera”, a special tool used to roll out or cut the dough of pas...

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I am a young woman with a strong passion for food and cousine. I enjoy cooking since when I was a little child, when in the south of Italy my grandmother told me everything about her secret in the kitchen. I work in bank right now, but when I’m at home in the evening I finally can do what I really love: make special dishes for my beloved and all of my friends!
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We will be at my home, in my kitchen. You will see a real italian kitchen, with all our tool, spices, and food. We are going to use all natural and “homemade” ingredients: eggs from my grandmother chicken, flour from my mother wheat. In my little kitchen you can taste and live the whole south of Italy, just from my food

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2019 m. lapkritis
My friends and I had a wonderful time and despite our lack of cooking knowledge we were able to make a delicious meal. I would highly recommend for anyone going to Rome and wanting to learn about and make pasta.
2019 m. lapkritis
This was a good, memorable, experience. I enjoyed making pasta with Mena! It was fun and super delicious! I wish I could do it again. :)
2019 m. gegužė
Mena is so sweet! Very informative about how to make pasta. She is located a little outside of the city of Rome but lives a 3 minute walk from the train station. Very convenient
2019 m. lapkritis
It was a wonderful experience. Thank you very much. I definitely advise anyone going to Rome to try the experience.

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