Astrology Reading in Cascais

Cascais, Portugalija

Potyrio organizatorius: Andrada

60 min., Potyrio metu kalbama: Anglų k.
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Šis organizatorius įsipareigojo laikytis Airbnb COVID-19 saugos gairių.
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Ką veiksite

We will have a unique, special session discovering the astrology knowledge for your wellbeing.
Join me for learning the symbols in your birth chart map, life patterns and energies available for understanding yourself a little more better and be prepared to face life challenges.
I offer a free pdf interpretation of your natal map.
Other things to note
Please write me your birthday details to prepare your birth chart map.

Kas įeina

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    Free birth chart map interpretation of your astrological reading.

Jūsų potyrio organizatorius – Andrada, susipažinkite

Naudojasi Airbnb nuo 2016 m.
  • 6 atsiliepimai
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Hello, dear ones! I am a passionate astrologer with over 10years of expertise, studying for the Diploma in Astrological Psychology and self-educated throughout the years in traditional and Vedic astrology.
I love sharing my knowledge with others because I believe that we really can become the best versions of ourselves as long as we are aware of our qualities and potential!
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Kur būsite

We will have our astrology session in one of the most beautiful vegetarian cafes in Cascais or by the beach.

Įvertinta 5,0 iš 5 remiantis 6 atsiliepimais.

2019 m. rugsėjis
We really had a very fascinating and worthwhile time with Andrada. It was one of the highlights of our vacation, a really interesting experience and I can recommend it to everyone interested in astrology. Andrada is a real expert in her field and spent a lot of effort and care in the preparation and follow-up of the session. We very much enjoyed this experience, especially because Andrada took her time to explain general and specific correlations aswell as answer individual questions. It was a real pleasure meeting her and you could feel that she is doing astrology with passion, love and all of her heart. Communication was perfect and everything was very well organised - both thumbs up for this activity!!!
2019 m. rugpjūtis
I connected immediately with Andrada - she is a bright, warm, and positive person, very passionate and knowledgable about Astrology, yoga, and so much more! :) The reading was very interesting and insightful, and I was very impressed that she was able to determine my time of birth to the minute (which I later confirmed with my mom). She was also very professional - had prepared and printed my charts for me ahead of time and sent me the updated versions as well as some specific information that came up during our meeting. I highly recommend this experience and plan to book again next time I am in Cascais/Lisbon area!! :)
2019 m. rugpjūtis
We met at the Cascais train station. Andrada was easy to talk to. She has a friendly yet peaceful demeanor that calms your nerves (if any,maybe if is your first time). Knowledgeable, passionate! She was able to go over the birth chart explaining it in a was that was easy for me to understand. Explaining personality and connecting the dots with the my traits acutely all in a very fun and loving way. Overall, I felt loved and respected. I got just what I was looking for!
2019 m. liepa
Andrada was a wonderful guide through our natal charts. She has a calm and welcoming demeanor that made us feel like we were having a conversation with an old friend. She was very thorough when explaining our charts and was patient with our questions. She even showed us a few places around Cascais that we should try after our session with her. I would definitely recommend booking a session with Andrada.
2019 m. gegužė
Andrada is so friendly and warm with a clear passion for and understanding of astrology! My friend and I immediately clicked with her. I felt like I had known her for a long time. So I bought the astrology reading as a surprise for my friends 30th and a gift to myself for my 29th. We both went to Lisbon for the weekend and met Andrada at Cascais (after we made the trip to Sintra, only a 30min drive to Cascais - highly reccommend also). We kept the surprise up until Andrada took us to a really cute rooftop bar that served delicious sangria as we sat in the sun and had chill jazz sounds in the background. She handed us our astrology charts and dedicated 3 hours of her time to us as she walked us through our charts. She discussed everything from our personality traits, to our friendships, relationships, family, fortune, things to watch out for. We talked and laughed a lot! You could tell that Andrada has a true passion for astrology as she shared some personal insights and stories of her life. After the session (which almost felt like therapy), my friend and I went to a beautiful Italian restaurant in Cascais in time for the sunset and spent hours during and after discussing our readings. I cant recommend Andrada highly enough! Had so much fun and my friend absolutely loved her surprise gift. An added bonus is that Cascais is a beautiful little seaside town and less than one hour from Lisbon. Thanks again Andrada :) xx
2020 m. vasaris
world class experience, she also really went out of her way to make the experience personal and special

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Ką pasiimti

A notebook/journal for the astrology session

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