Knysna Scootours

Knysna, Pietų Afrika

Potyrio organizatorius: Elke

2 valandos, Potyrio metu kalbama: Anglų k.
Rūpinamasi sauga
Šis organizatorius įsipareigojo laikytis Airbnb COVID-19 saugos gairių.
Ne daugiau 9 žmonių
Įtraukta: gėrimai, pervežimas ir įranga

Ką veiksite

Each group is met on arrival, and then taken up into the Knysna Forests. There we explain the routes and give a safety demonstration. Guests get to try out their monster scooter bikes, get their helmets and gloves fitted. Then the fun starts ... heading down hill through various runs in the forest.
Other things to note
Please wear closed shoes, and dress comfortably in shorts or long pants. Bring along a peak cap too.

Kas įeina

  • Gėrimai
    Water refreshments are offered after the activity
  • Transporto paslaugos
    All guests are transported to and from the activity
  • Įranga
    Monster scooter bike, helmet and gloves are included

Jūsų potyrio organizatorius – Elke, susipažinkite

Naudojasi Airbnb nuo 2016 m.
  • 20 atsiliepimų
  • Tapatybė patvirtinta
I love exploring the Knysna Forest and showing this magnificent part of our country to guests and visitors. No two days are the same, each experience is different. I also love biking, so this is the perfect combination for me!
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Kur būsite

The various downhill runs are all though the beautiful Knysna Forest. The Knysna Forest is steeped in history, and offers the extra excitement of free roaming animals and amazing bird life.

Įvertinta 4,90 iš 5 remiantis 20 atsiliepimų.

2021 m. sausis
This experience is a must-try for anyone in the area. The host team were friendly, professional and well informed about the forest. I felt safe the entire time, and it was so lovely meeting new people as well. Just enough thrills to accommodate adrenalin junkies and the more cautious members of the group. Definitely doing this again when I'm back in Knysna.
2020 m. kovas
A great way to see and experience the Knysna Forests. The scooters were great fun and a must do for anyone who is visiting Knysna
2019 m. spalis
This was a fun outing but not nearly long enough. Of the 2 hours, we maybe had 25 minutes riding time between the 3 locations. A lot of time was spent in the taxi between routes, which were all on roads used by cars. It was fun, but I left feeling slightly disappointed
2021 m. rugpjūtis
Enjoyed the scootour of Knysna forest. A unique way to explore the forest that I would highly recommend to others!
Mayileni B
2021 m. liepa
This was a great outdoor experience- the two instructors were so professional and patient.
2021 m. vasaris
Highly recommend it. Was a great outing with spectacular views and funny hosts

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Ką pasiimti

Peak cap to wear under the helmet

Wear closed shoes