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Havana, Kuba

Potyrio organizatorius: Fernando

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Upon arriving at our barbershop, we will explain about our neighborhood and our business vision. Next, you will be introduced to our barbers, who will groom your hair and/or beard Cuban style while you interact with other (Cuban) customers. You can also exchange with our barbers about their daily life and trends in Cuban hairstyle.
Other things to note
Although getting groomed is an important part of the experience, you don't HAVE to get your hair cut. You can simply watch and talk to the staff and to other clients.

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    Cuban beer (cerveza cubana)

Jūsų potyrio organizatorius – Fernando, susipažinkite

Naudojasi Airbnb nuo 2015 m.
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I am co-founder of Bar-beria 17&50 in Havana, a local barbershop in Havana's Playa neighborhood. Our goal is recovering for Havana the role of barbershops as social exchange centers for the community. Therefore, foreign visitors will be able get groomed Cuban style while interacting with other Cuban customers, and also interact with our barbers on hair fashion trends in Havana.
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Kur būsite

The whole activity takes place inside our barbershop, which was built privately and with a lot of effort, against all odds.

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2019 m. lapkritis
This experience was perfect for support of the Cuban people and total immersion in Cuban culture. The location is in a suburb of Havana and a walk around the neighborhood was informative for people interested in seeing the day-to-day Cuban life. The people in the barber shop treating me like a VIP. The service was high quality and personalized. I was allowed to take pictures of the happenings in the shop. It felt like a community institution with people stopping in to say hello. The haircut was high quality with excellent attention to detail. Michel was the barber. Camila served delicious Cuban coffee while I waited which was not very long. Fernando speaks excellent English. This was a fantastic experience and a great value for the price. Everybody was friendly and professional. Highly recommend this experience.
2019 m. spalis
This experience was just amazing. They all cared so much about us and my boyfriend has never had such a great hairstyle! It was like Bob Ross drawing a picture - every time I thought "why is he keep on cutting, it's perfect how it is!" he did something so that his hair would look even better. Fernando, thanks to you and your team - you are doing a really great job. Would love to have your shop in Germany 😊
2019 m. liepa
I have always found the atmosphere in a real barbershop to be uniquely special. In the States, the ‘pampered’ men barbershop has been gaining popularity. Fernando has recognized a similar market demand in his city of Havana. His response to his calling has produced a salon that is serving the neighborhood at an exceptional level. I am excited for this new venture of Fernando’s to continue to be fulfilling for him and his wife. Elton, was the actual barber. This young man left a mark on my soul. I have thought and contemplated my conversations and interactions with Elton. As far as his craft, I woke up the following morning with the haircut I have been most satisfied with EVER in my life. Since returning home, I have been complimented for the natural style of my new haircut.
2019 m. birželis
This experience puts you into the everyday life of this Cuban community. Hear the stories from locals as they get new haircuts, share local news, and compare style trends from other cultures. The hosts share their vision for providing support to their neighborhood by offering the locals a comfortable place to meet and even offering job training to those interested in the craft. The hosts offer a walking tour in the area around the shop and are happy to answer questions about their community. The barber shop is brand new, has air conditioning, and refreshing drinks. Note, this is in a suburb of Havana, so plan for transportation via taxi. Tour includes a haircut from one of the professional stylists if you want to hop in the barber chair.

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