Havana Alternative Party

La Habana, Kuba

Potyrio organizatorius: Dario

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  2. Potyrio metu kalbama: Anglų k. ir Ispanų

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We started our experience by taking something at Café Mamainé where we will have a brief contact to get to know each other a bit and talk about what we will do during the night.

Then we will go to some bars like Rylac Bar, a good place for enjoy Cuban cocktails and for meet interesting Cuban people.

We will share with the people of the place. We will dance and enjoy drinks.

After that we will go to some parties that is different every time.

Jūsų potyrio organizatorius – Dario, susipažinkite

Naudojasi Airbnb nuo 2016 m.
  • 30 atsiliepimų
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I am a young Cuban who enjoys music and night life. I think that Cuban culture is more than salsa and reguetton. I invite you to be part of my life in an alternative night in Havana
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First we will have a coffee at the Mamainé Bar-Café where we can talk about what we are going to do in the experience. From there we go to the Rylac Bar where we will enjoy the good music and good cocktails.
Finally, we go to the alternative party that is happening, in a different place every time.

Įvertinta 4,87 iš 5 remiantis 30 atsiliepimų.

2021 m. sausis
I was a solo traveler and wanted to meet some new friends in a safe environment plus experience Havana's nightlife with locals. Darrio was an excellent guide! He introduced me to his friends, took me around his neighborhood, and every time we met up, it was a remarkable adventure! I highly recommend this experience for anyone coming to Havana!
2020 m. kovas
This is experience with Dario was amazing! It was the first night of my third trip to Cuba and Dario really showed me an alternative side to Havana! I was the only person on the experience so I got the chance to really feel like I was just hanging with a friend. Dario really made me feel comfortable and welcome and like an actual friend. The night was amazing and he showed me some great bars that I definitely want to go back to when I come back! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this experience for EVERYONE! You won’t regret it!
2020 m. kovas
Dario took us to places we’d never find on our own. I had a blast hanging with him and the other members of the group. I highly recommend this experience!
2020 m. vasaris
Upon our arrival to Cuba, we began with this experience. My boyfriend and I met with Dario at a cool little coffee shop, after our initial conversation he took us to a cool little bar, that felt like we were in someone’s house. We met up with two of his friends who were very friendly, talked about life in Cuba. After a few drinks we took a cab to a cool hip club where we drank more listened to some music and danced (tried to), we called it a night around midnight, which was just when the party was getting started. Dario offered to answer any questions and recommended other places to go to. If you are traveling and are looking for LGBTQ nightlife and want to meet locals this experience is great!
2020 m. vasaris
Dario es un chico muy amable y tranquilo, pero a la vez divertido! La experiencia va subiendo de nivel, empezando por algo relajado, pasando por algo ameno y terminando con fiesta... súper genial!!! No importa el número de personas que sean en la experiencia, se disfruta!!!
2020 m. vasaris
Dario is AWESOME!! I felt like we were able to really connect. He showed me a few awesome places and we ended the night dancing! It was like hanging out with an old friend that I hadn't seen in a long time! even after we left the last venue we continued to talk and grab a quick local sandwich. He even made sure I got to my AirBnB safely. I would totally recommend him!

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