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Guests will get a hands on experience learning the basics of Borosilicate glassblowing. They will learn the theories behind how to SAFELY work with a bench mounted torch to manipulate solid glass rods into sculpture, jewelry and paper weights. They will begin with the safety aspects, and move on to melting and working glass at the guest’s own pace and comfort, up to any level of glass working the guest is safely capable of.
Other things to note
Just bring an open mind, make sure you are awake and alert and ready to be safe and have fun

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    Glass working tools and materials, also any items teachers make during dem...

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I’m the Owner and Gallerist of Ivystone Studios a renovated 19th century barn turned contemporary art gallery. I have 20+ years experience as a scientific and artistic glassblower, specializing in anything from flasks and boiling vessels to pendants and paperweights. I have a glass studio here on the premises. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge of Borosilicate glass art, mainly because it is a relatively young art form that has just started within the last 100 years.
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Contemporary art gallery inside a 19th century renovated barn . Mainly in the adjacent glass studio with 4 glass working spaces two of which are used for guests/students

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2020 m. sausis
I bought the glassblowing experience with Justin for my Dad for christmas. Pulling up to Justin's workshop we were warmly met by the host who got us settled with his apprentice Eric. Eric had a great passion for glassblowing and was interesting to listen to his excitement for his new hobby. Due to unforeseen circumstances we weren't able to work with Justin, however he graciously offered to reschedule with us to redo the class. Make sure to check out his gallery in the upper barn, it's a beautifully remodeled building filled with unique and amazing art work from local artists.

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